Dancing bear male stripper in cfmn scene

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When you call the Dancing Bear to the bachelorette party you can expect that some wild action is going to happen there. Like in here where the girls got really drunk and it was just the right time to have some CFMN fun with them. The Dancing Bear took off his clothes and as he finished his dance he went from one table to another, offering these hot and horny girls to have a taste of his massive cock. Needless to say, these fired up bitches were more than happy to engage in this hot CFMN action so they all had a ride on his big shaft.

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Black chick sucking the dancing bear blown cock in cfmn video

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Here is some really hot CFMN action for you and if you love how the Dancing Bear does his babes then this one is going to impress you as well. You can see one of those horny black bitches as she goes to our famous friend Dancing Bear and gets a taste of his massive blown cock that is dipped in whipped cream. Needless to say, she is a real sweet tooth so she enjoys sucking his big cock more than she ever did before and she shows us that even this kind of CFMN gallery can be hot and sexy.

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Dancing Bear and his cowboy friend in cfmn action

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We all know that the Dancing Bear loves frequenting girls-only parties but today he brought a friend with him. Take a look at the Dancing Bear and his cowboy friend as they go to a girl birthday to show these hot sluts how they can have some wild fun while they give them the best CFMN show ever. The girls go wild as these two hot studs take off their clothes and present their amazing bodies in front of them and you can be sure that this CFMN show makes them all even hornier than they were before they saw these two huge cocks.

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Shy girls and the dancing bear’s dick in cfmn scene

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Sometimes when there are girls-only nights in pub we prepare a really special surprise for the sluts that come there. Just like tonight when we invited our old friend the Dancing Bear to show these horny sluts the fun of CFMN action. Take a look at these shy girls that go all blushing and red as the Dancing Bear comes near them with his big sausage, showing it off and offering to them to have a nice taste. They are a bit intimidated at first but after a few drinks everything turns into a massive CFMN fuck fest that goes on for hours.

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Blondes have more fun with dancing bear stud

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What happens when Fri night rocks up and a bunch of girls go to male strip clubs – fun music, teasing striptease and lots of ripped guys. But this time around the repertoire is slightly different with one of the guys covering his face with dancing bear mask and walking in amongst the eager horny females with a massive hard on. Not wanting to let this rare cfmn opportunity go to waste, one sexy hungry blonde gets to work asap taking the dancing bear stud around the waist and bringing him closer to herself so she can suck on like a pro. It proves that blondes really have more fun even in this cfmn action.

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